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A Complete Solution for Luxury Hawaiian Resort

Located in the luxury resort community of Wailea, on the crescent-shaped shores of Maui, the Hyatt Andaz Luxury Resort, in Wailea, Hawaii, is an extravagant 15-acre oceanfront resort. The hotel includes 297 guest rooms and suites, seven luxury two to four bedroom residential villas, four multiple cascading outdoor infinity pools, and 15,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor event space.

The resort was going through a renovation and required several repairs to keep the high quality experience that guests have come to expect. This included leveling of units, vertical restoration, balcony spall repairs, skim coating of walls, and grouting.

Located on the seaside, there was a lot of spalling due to corrosion. Every balcony had some degree of spalling that needed repair. Key to these repairs was the use of Rapid Set® Corrosion Inhibitor, a corrosion inhibitor that provides low chloride ion penetration, water repellence, and corrosion resistance for metals embedded in a mortar or concrete, such as metal wire lath or rebar. Using a corrosion inhibitor is essential in a seaside resort facility. At the Hyatt Andaz Luxury Resort, adding Rapid Set Corrosion Inhibitor to Mortar Mix provided a protective coating over metal through the encapsulation of the repair material.

Rapid Set® Corrosion Inhibitor can be used with other Rapid Set® cement products including Mortar Mix, Cement All, Concrete Mix, Stucco Mix, DOT Repair Mortar, and DOT Repair Mix. It may also be used in combination with all other products of the Concrete Pharmacy®.

As part of the renovation, additional repairs were made. The existing floors were torn out of every unit. Every floor required leveling before the new floor covering was installed. Rapid Set® Acrylic Primer was applied first — the concentrated primer improves the adhesion of Rapid Set® TRU® Self Leveling to concrete. Next between ½ and 2 inches of TRU® Self Leveling was applied to every unit’s floor. Rapid Set® TRU® Self-Leveling is a self-leveling topping, resurfacer and underlayment that can be used both indoors and outdoors.

In each room, due to the age of the facility, there were cutouts and repairs to the walls. Mortar Mix was used around the facility to go over the patches. Mortar Mix is used for vertical and overhead applications, such as general concrete repair, stucco and plaster repair, one-coat exterior plaster, mortar beds, underlayments and formed work.

Skim Coat was applied over Mortar Mix to make the wall surfaces smoother. Skim Coat is high bond strength, and fast curing, so it can be applied and finish from feather-edge to 1″. If the wall needed a smoother finish with no patching required, WunderFixx® Concrete Patching Compound was applied as a skim coat. WunderFixx® is a durable, fast setting, one-component concrete patching material.

Another repair involved base plate column grouting on huge beams and columns, such as those located at the entrance. Cement All® and CTS Construction Grout were used for the grouting. Cement All® sets faster and was used where quick set times were essential. CTS Construction Grout can be mixed to any consistency from damp pack to fluid and can be used for both structural and non-structural applications.

The CTS products were key in completing the repairs and restoration in a quick, timely manner. Providing a complete product solution to meet the needs of the entire project kept this job on track . 



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