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Building a Better World for Generations to Come

A History of Innovation


1950s_AlexanderKlein_Type-KAlexander Klein from UC Berkeley discovers calcium sulfoaluminate (CSA) and focuses on its applications in the chemical pre-stressing of concrete and the shrinkage compensation of Portland cement. The compound is sometimes referred to as the Klein compound..

Reason for being

Building a Better World for Generations to Come

Building a better world can’t be done status quo.  That’s why we challenge the way things have always been done from the way we engineer and manufacture our cement, to the innovative products we develop, to the way we serve our customers.  Our legacy is to leave this world a better place for generations to come.

With civil engineering as his expertise and construction as his passion, Ed Rice, CTS founder and visionary, set out to improve the way we build, construct and the finished results we get.  In essence, he set out to make the world a better place to live, project by project and community by community.

What started out as improving portland cement for the prestressed concrete industry, turned into developing Type-K shrinkage compensating cement for the post-tensioned industry.  This soon paved the way for developing Rapid Set® cement, a specialty cement that lets you build faster, and achieve durable and long-lasting results.  Rapid Set cement has grown into more than 30 specialized cement products for all of your new construction, restoration and repair needs.

To this day, Ed Rice’s visionary approach permeates everything we do.  Whether we’re engineering cement products for safe, strong and stable structures, or helping you get exceptional results on your projects, you can build with confidence.  Everything we do, we do with you in mind.  Join us in building a better world.


To provide the best cement products for building a safe, strong and sustainable world for generations to come — one building, one roadway, one construction job at a time.


We envision a world where structures, pavements and highways are built to last so that everyone can enjoy the quality of life they desire and deserve.

Core Values

Embrace Innovation

We are curious, creative and open minded, which helps us think bigger.  By taking this approach in everything we do, we invent, experiment and innovate.

Take the Lead

When we see opportunities, we take the initiative with product development, quality assurance, manufacturing or anything else.  Staying in the forefront on construction methods and trends lets us improve existing and develop new products and ways of doing things.

Have Fun

Each day brings new opportunities to create, improve and deliver.  We love what we do.  And what we do seems more like play than work.

Do the Right Thing

As a responsive and responsible company, we are solution-oriented.  We know that doing things right means doing what’s best for our customers and employees.


Build and Foster Relationships

Our employees work closely together to achieve common goals.  The highly interactive relationships we have extend to the valued partnerships we enjoy with colleagues and customers.

Make a Positive Difference

Everyone at CTS contributes to making a positive difference.  Just knowing we’ve made someone’s job easier or helped them get better results brings happiness to our hearts.

Employee Owned

Every Employee Matters

Great companies are built by great people.  At the heart of CTS’s success is our team of employees-owners whose integrity, commitment and willingness to go the extra mile stand behind everything we do.  Because of our employee-owners, we have earned the reputation of providing outstanding products and service to customers, dealers and distributors.
We are a 100-percent employee-owned company* where performance matters.  Each employee has a personal stake in helping you succeed.
*About the ESOP Association.  The ESOP Association is the national trade association for companies with employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs) and the leading voice in America for employee ownership. The core cause of The ESOP Association is the belief that employee ownership will improve American competitiveness, increase productivity through greater employee participation, and strengthen our free enterprise economy.


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