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Rapid Set Cement Emits Less CO2
Increased use of recycled materials

By-products used from the recycling of aluminum diverts waste from being released to landfills. While most traditional concrete mixes contain some recycled material (i.e. usually existing concrete recycled as aggregate), Rapid Set® cement mix uses by-products from other recycling processes as raw materials. This alone keeps raw materials from being removed from the ground, and generates 95% less air pollution and 97% less water pollution than the creation of new aluminum. The waste generated during aluminum creation, such as red mud, is also eliminated with aluminum recycling.

Reduced carbon emissions

Manufacturing Rapid Set® cement emits lower greenhouse gases and smog-producing nitrogen oxides when compared to portland cement for these reasons. The kiln used to produce Rapid Set cement requires less fuel than for portland cement. The Rapid Set mix relies on less limestone than portland cement, so the material breakdown during production yields less CO2. Production of Rapid Set cement emits 32% less CO2 than portland cement.

Increased durability

The lifetime of Rapid Set cement concrete is at least 2 times more than portland cement concrete (80 years vs. 40 years). This means less pollution released into the environment and significantly lower replacement costs.

The Home Depot Awards Rapid Set Cement Products the Eco Options Seal of Approval

Eco Options identifies products with less of an environmental impact than comparable standard products. Rapid Set was chosen due to a 32-36% smaller carbon footprint on a pound-by-pound basis than portland cement since producing Rapid Set uses less limestone and fossil fuels. Rapid Set also meets EPP requirements regarding raw materials extraction and processing, packaging materials, product use, and disposal and transportation. Visit The Eco Options Program for more information.

Rapid Set Cement Products Contribute Points to These LEED Performance Areas

Materials and Resources (MR)

  • Recycled content 10% (1 point)
  • Recycled content 20% (1 point)
  • Recycled materials 10% (1 point)
  • Recycled materials 20% (1 point)

Indoor Environmental Quality (EQ)

  • Low-emitting materials, paints and coatings (1 point)

Durable Materials (MR) (Canada)

  • High durability for extended life cycle (1 point)

Heat Island Effect (SS)

  • Solar reflective index greater than 29 (1 point)

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