Belitic Calcium Sulfoaluminate Pavement Technology

Belitic Calcium Sulfoaluminate Pavement Technology

The needs of our economy place stringent demands on our ageing infrastructure. There are extensive miles of high volume concrete pavements in serious need of reconstruction.  The challenge is to come up with a solution that allows reconstruction at non-peak hours of service and returns the pavement to traffic before peak hours. Belitic-calcium sulfoaluminate (B-CSA) concrete pavement technology is a novel but demonstrated innovation that simultaneously reduces congestion by allowing fast return of concrete highways to service (under six hours), reduces greenhouse gas emissions (by 30%) and has a demonstrated long life cycle  (more than 75 years). B-CSA is an alternative to Portland cement pavement technology. B-CSA shortens the project delivery process, enhances roadway safety, reduces congestion and improves environmental sustainability. It is compatible with current construction practices and equipment.

Reduced Traffic Congestion
It is difficult to shut down freeways in major metropolitan areas for extended periods of time. B-CSA concrete technology allows reaching 3,000 psi compressive strength in less than 2 hours, well above the strength required to re-open pavement to traffic. Highways can be shut down at nighttime and re-opened for rush hours, at minimum inconvenience to the travelling public and the economy. In addition deteriorated pavements requiring maintenance contribute significantly to congestion and delay.

Reduced Greenhouse Emissions
Because of lower kiln temperature and lower limestone content, the production of B-CSA cement emits roughly 32% less CO2 than the production of Portland cement. This unparalleled sustainability is a game-changer in the design of a sustainable concrete infrastructure. 

Long Life Cycle
B-CSA technology allows a 75% reduction in shrinkage compared to Portland cement concrete. Low shrinkage increases fatigue life, because it reduces shrinkage cracking and allows an increase in the distance between joints. An independent testing laboratory tested the fatigue life of B-CSA concrete at 87 years. The B-CSA technology is a comprehensive technology that encompasses cement, sand, aggregate, know-how and optimum design of the base and sub-base.

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