Concrete Restoration

Unsightly cracks and holes, metal corrosion, water damage, blisters – over time, concrete structures may develop these common conditions. Instead of removing and replacing old concrete, oftentimes concrete can be repaired and restored to its original beauty. Specify Rapid Set Cement® products and improve the appearance and value of concrete structures, protect them from further damage and reduce future maintenance costs. With Rapid Set Cement® products, you will achieve durable, aesthetically-pleasing and long-lasting results on concrete structures, including facades on internal and external walls as well as concrete walkways, floors and any other jobs constructed with concrete. Rapid Set Cement products are rapid hardening and high strength, so repairs can be made and returned to full use in one day. Painting, polishing, staining or coating can be completed the next day.


Interstate-70 Viaduct in Denver, CO

Horizontal and Vertical Overhead Areas Repaired on the Substructure of the Entire I-70 Bridge

Contractor: American Civil Constructors
Products: Mortar Mix, FLOW Control®

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Caltech’s South House Complex in Pasadena, CA

Exterior and Interior Concrete Repair and Replacement, Concrete and Masonry Restoration, including Cast-in-Place / Precast Architectural Concrete

Contractor: DF Perez
Products: Cement All®, Mortar Mix and Concrete Mix

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Embassy Suites in Kansas City, MO

Exterior and Interior: Repairing Walls, Patching Stucco, Plastering

General Contractor:  Cicero’s Development Corporation
Subcontractor:  Barnhart Specialty Contracting
Products:  OnePass®, Stucco Patch, Eisenwall®

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Mattel Distribution Center in San Bernardino, CA

Concrete Smoothing of Walls

Concrete Contractor:  Oltmans Construction Company
Sacking Contractor:  JDC, Inc.
Product:  WunderFixx®

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The Pentagon in Washington, DC

Exterior Wall Repair and Interior Structural Repair

Engineer: Tadjer-Cohen-Edelson Associates, Inc.
Contractor: Concrete Protection & Restoration, Inc.
Products: Cement All®, Mortar Mix and Concrete Mix

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Products for Concrete Restoration

General, Multipurpose and Structural

Rapid Set® is a brand of professional-grade cement products for concrete repair and restoration. If your project calls for rapid hardening and high strength, choose Rapid Set® Cement All®, a multipurpose product for general concrete repair, doweling and anchoring, industrial grouting, formed work, airport projects, and highway repair. Mortar Mix is a versatile product that can be used for general concrete repair, stucco and plaster repair, one-coat exterior plaster, mortar beds, underlayments, and formed work. Mortar Mix is suitable for both vertical and overhead applications. Concrete Mix is a multipurpose, fast-setting product used for repair and construction of pavements, formed work, footings, setting posts, industrial floors, machine bases and concrete repair.


When you need a multi-purpose non-shrink grout that can be damp pack to fluid, CTS Construction Grout is your solution. If you’re looking for a precision, fluid, non-shrink grout, Rapid Set® UltraFlow® allows for large pours to be completed and ready for use in just 8 hours. Choose these grouts for structural and non-structural applications including precision grouting, base plates, precast components, machinery and equipment bases, anchor bolts, keyway joints, load bearing pads and other non-shrink applications.


For a high-quality and fast floor topping, resurfacing, or underlayment, specify Rapid Set® TRU® Self-Leveling. Rapid Set® TRU® Self-Leveling provides long flow life and working time while achieving high early strength. To improve the adhesion of TRU® Self-Leveling, specify Rapid Set® Acrylic Primer for properly preparing concrete. Rapid Set® Acrylic Primer also seals porous concrete surfaces to prevent pinholes and bubbles from forming in the finished surface. Specify Rapid Set® TRU® Epoxy Primer TXP with sand broadcast instead when Rapid Set® TRU® Self-Leveling will be used as a polished floor topping or over non-porous substrates. Rapid Set® TRU® Epoxy Primer TXP is also acceptable over moist concrete surfaces to ensure a strong adhesion between substrate and topping and to seal porous concrete to prevent pinholes and bubbles. One option to consider for an underlayment is LevelFlor®, a self-leveling underlayment used for fast-track leveling applications. Whether patching, skim coating or pouring an underlayment, Rapid Set® Skim Coat provides high bond strength, fast curing and a smooth skim coat. Skim Coat allows for quick repairing, level and smooth concrete substrates before installing floor coverings.

Concrete Smoothing and Coating

Specify OnePass® for wallboard, cement board, magnesium oxide board, plaster, smooth stucco, masonry, some wood repair applications and many other surfaces. OnePass® can also be used as a texturing material. WunderFixx® can be used for patching and detailing on tilt-up panels, pre-cast concrete, concrete block and other concrete surfaces. It is suitable for moist environments on interior and exterior projects. Stucco Patch is used for the repair of cracks, holes and voids in stucco surfaces. Weather-resistant and useful for exterior and interior stucco surfaces, Stucco Patch is compatible with most primers, paints and topcoats.   For successful concrete repair and restoration, specify products you can trust. Achieve high quality, aesthetically-pleasing and long-lasting results on your projects with CTS Cement products.