Infrastructure: Pavement, Highway, Bridge

Meeting your deadlines on highway, bridge and airport jobs may require shaving days and weeks off of your construction schedule.  When time is critical, using materials that help you minimize disruption to the traveling public is necessary.  Save time with Rapid Set® products, your fast-setting solution for concrete repair and restoration requiring the fastest strength gain and highest durability.

US 195 in Spokane, WA

Dowel Bar Replacement

Contractor: Acme Concrete Paving
Product: DOT Repair Mix

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Bridges in the St. Louis Area in MO

Seven Bridge Deck Overlays

Concrete Producer: Concrete Strategies
Product: Low-P™ Concrete

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Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport in Atlanta, GA

Panel Replacement

Concrete Producer: George L. Throop Company
Product: Rapid Set® Cement

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Highway 1 in San Luis Obispo, CA

Panel Replacement

Concrete Producer: George L. Throop Company
Product: Rapid Set® Cement

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Interstate 80 in Reno, NV

Full Depth Panel Replacement for Boulder Damaged Pavement

Concrete Producer: Granite Construction Company
Product: Rapid Set® Cement

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Products for Infrastructure Work

Dowel Bar Retrofit

Rapid Set® has a history of proven performance on dowel bar retrofit projects. For these unique highway pavement restoration projects, contractors choose Rapid Set® DOT Repair Mix due to the ease of use, speed, high bond strength, and extreme durability. Throughout the western United States more than 1.5 million dowels have been installed on highways. The Rapid Set DOT Repair Mix can be economically batched in volumetric mixers using 55-lb bags or bulk bags.  The high performance characteristics and non-shrink properties make Rapid Set the ideal material for grouting dowels in this critical pavement repair application.

General Repairs  

Transportation Engineers and Road Maintenance Crews are turning to Rapid Set® as a key component to their general concrete repair strategies.  The New Jersey  Turnpike and The NJ/NY  Port Authority uses  Rapid Set products  extensively as a solution  to their concrete repair  problems due to the  excellent performance,  high quality, and  reasonable cost. The  agencies use Rapid Set  for bridge patching, full  depth bridge deck  replacements, bridge  deck overlays,  pavement repairs and  replacements, toll plaza  work, and any other  areas where a fast  setting concrete is  needed. The agencies have benefitted by the ability to repair concrete with minimal disruption to the traveling public.

Airport Pavement

Rapid Set® has been successfully used at the nation’s largest airports including DFW, LAX, ATL, SFO, SEA, and MIA. One of the earlier Rapid Set airport projects was the replacement of the “bullseye” at Chicago’s Midway airport in 1991.  Here, the contractor used Rapid Set concrete to maximize productivity in the 8-hour shift and avoided stiff liquidated damage penalties of $10,000 per hour. In one hour the concrete achieved the specified strength of 3000 psi.

Bridge Deck Overlays

Aging bridge decks often suffer from concrete deterioration, corrosion, excessive cracking, reduced skid resistance, and poor ride quality. Rehabilitating these bridges with RSLMC (Rapid Set® Latex Modified Concrete) overlays can quickly repair the damage and add 30 years or more to the service life of the bridge. Durability of these overlays has proven to be excellent even in the harshest freeze-thaw environments where chloride attack from de-icing salts severely shortens the life of most pavement.

Precision Grouting

Rapid Set® UltraFlow® is an excellent choice for the precision grouting of bridge bearing pads, base plates, and equipment pads.  UltraFlow is a high performance, non-shrink grout which gains structural strength of 4000 psi in 8 hours.

Emergency Repairs  

On critical infrastructure projects, Rapid Set® comes to the rescue for emergency repairs throughout the United States. In Texas, Rapid Set was used by TxDOT Maintenance Forces to repair failed bridge decks. Delivered and batched in volumetric mixers, the Rapid Set concrete allowed the highway to be opened to traffic two hours after concrete placement.  Similar repairs have been made in many states including New Jersey, California and Florida.  In emergency situations where time is of the essence, Rapid Set provides a proven solution that is fast, durable, and easy to place.

Pavement Panel Replacement  

Over the past 25 years, Rapid Set® has established a proven track record for fast and durable pavement repairs. Across the United States, over 700,000 cubic yards of Rapid Set® concrete pavement have been placed – enough concrete to stretch one lane wide for 413 miles.   Rapid Set concrete is ready for traffic in as little as 1 hour after placement and is an ideal solution for repair and restoration of full-depth concrete pavement.

Precast Panel Grouting  

Rapid Set® Cement All® was chosen to grout precast panels on the 1.25 mile Walkway Over the Hudson project. Rapid Set® was selected due to its fast set times (even in cold weather), quality, and ease of use. The project included 1,000 cubic yards of grouting material used to fill between the precast panels. Rapid Set is also used in lightweight mix designs for grouting between precast bridge deck panels.   On many highways and airports, construction closures are limited to nights and weekends.  Often times the crews are have only 6 to 10 hours for pavement removal and replacement.  Rapid Set concrete is ready for traffic in as little as 1 hour after placement.

Flowable Fill

Rapid Set® Flowable Fill is a mixture of cement, aggregate and water which forms a backfill replacement material. This self-compacting, flowable, cementitious material is delivered in ready mix trucks or volumetric mixers and is used as backfill or structural fill instead of compacted fill or unsuitable native material.  Following the Northridge earthquake in southern California, Rapid Set Flowable Fill was used to accelerate the bridge reconstruction on the I-10 freeway. By using this material, over five days on the construction schedule were eliminated. The contractor finished the job 74 days ahead of schedule and received a $14.5 million bonus.

Utility Trenches  

Installation of new fiber optics, electricity, and other utilities often involves cutting across highways, runways, railroads, and other critical areas where closure windows are very short.  Rapid Set® has been used on hundreds of trenching projects, including many airport runway lighting upgrade projects. Rapid Set® concrete is used to backfill the trenches and is typically ready for traffic in 1 to 2 hours. In some cases, the penalty for not opening the runway on time in the morning is $2,000 per minute.  The use of Rapid Set concrete for trench filling minimizes safety.

Rapid Set® products provide fast response time and durability for infrastructure repair solutions. The family of Rapid Set products will meet your needs for a diverse range of bridge, highway and pavement repairs.