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Hyatt Andaz Maui Luxury Resort, Wailea, HI

Contractor: Swinerton Incorporated
Applications: Vertical restoration of walls in rooms, spall repairs on balconies, underlayment leveling on floors
Products: TRU Self-Leveling®, Acrylic Primer, Mortar Mix, Corrosion Inhibitor, CTS Construction Grout, Cement All®, WunderFixx® and Skim Coat

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San-Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, Oakland, CA

Engineering Firms: ABFJV (American Bridge and Fluor joint venture)
Concrete Producer: Precision Concrete Materials
Application: Seismic repairs (the seismic joints on either side of the self-anchored suspension span)
Product: Rapid Set® Cement

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Dorad Power Plant, Ashkelon, Israel

Contractor: W.F. GTS
Product Supplier: Shoshani & Weinstein Ltd
Application: Grouted the connection between concrete pipes that carry sea water
Product: Cement All®

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Sydney International Airport, Sydney, Australia

Contractor: Antoun Civil Engineering
Concrete Producer: Volumetric Concrete Australia
Application: Concrete Re-Pavement of Taxiway and Runway
Product: Rapid Set® Cement

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Spring Lake Boardwalk, Spring Lake, NJ

Contractor: Spring Lake Boardwalk DPW
Application: Repaired pile caps due to damage from Hurricane Sandy
Product: Rapid Set® Concrete Mix

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Skechers Distribution Center, Rancho Belagio, CA

One of the largest one-roof tilt-up projects in the U.S. at 1.8 million square feet
Contractor: Inland Concrete Constructors (ICC)
Applications: general purpose repairs (from floor patching to patching of the pick-up points on the panels and weld plates), grouting of base plates
Products: Cement All®, Mortar Mix, WunderFixx® and CTS Construction Grout.
Noteworthy: ...

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Bone Fish Grill Restaurants, United States

Contractor: Creative Concrete Surfaces
Applications: Underlayment, floor leveling, overlayment with dyed and polished concrete
Products: Mortar Mix, LevelFlor®, TRU® Self Leveling

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Apple Alves, Cupertino, CA

Restaurant at Apple Headquarters
General Contractor: XL Construction
Concrete Sub-Contractor: Bradley Concrete
Application: Slab on grade (minimize the drying shrinkage cracks, reduce the number of joints prior to the placement of terrazzo on the surface of the floors)
Product: Type-K Concrete

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Shopping Mall Koln Arcaden, Cologne, Germany

Engineer: mfi management für immobilien AG
Contractor: Günter Schlag GmbH
Materials Supplier: KORODUR International GmbH
Application: Replaced existing stone tile flooring with polished concrete flooring
Products: TRU® Self Leveling, TXP™ Epoxy Primer

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Bring your clients’ vision to reality by designing aesthetically-pleasing spaces that enrich lives and sustain the earth.  Design and deliver gorgeous results by eliminating unsightly appearances from shrinkage and cracking caused by 19th century cement.  If you want exceptional results that last for future generations, plan and design your spaces with modern-day cement engineered by CTS Cement Manufacturing Corporation.  Let your results speak for themselves with CTS Rapid Set cement products, and retain loyal clients while attracting new clients.

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