With Rapid Set® Cement products, you can repair, create and build with ease. The uses for Rapid Set are endless, ranging from work on both new and existing structures and flatwork, as well as meeting deadlines for departments of transportation (DOT) projects. When using Rapid Set, fast repair and restoration of concrete is possible producing long lasting results. You can use Rapid Set with new industrial, commercial or residential concrete construction projects to keep your project on deadline.

You can also transform projects through the use of decorative concrete, such as stamped concrete, acid staining, decorative overlays or polishing. Rapid Set provides the right concrete for resurfacing and underlayment to provide a smooth, level floor and the foundation for a beautiful, polished floor.

Rapid Set products can shave days and weeks off of your highway, bridge and airport construction schedules, which is essential when closing down busy infrastructure routes. DOTs often request products that will quickly reach specific strengths to allow for a faster turnaround. Additionally, you can use the Type-K shrinkage compensating concrete technology in all types of structures to counteract drying-shrinkage cracking. Especially important for Slab On Grade (SOG) applications, Type-K shrinkage compensating concrete eliminates curling, creating a flatter slab.

Here is a comprehensive listing of applications and the CTS | Rapid Set products to use.


Low-P Bridge in St. Louis, MO


I-80 in Reno, NV


Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

Shrinkage Compensating-Water Treatment

Jonathon W. Rogers Water Treatment Plant (WTP) in El Paso, TX

Shrinkage Compensating-Flooring

Old Navy in Portland, OR

Flooring-Polished Overlay

Hi-Lo Food Stores in Trinidad


Disney Polynesian Resort in Orlando, FL


Costco Warehouse Store in Wheaton, MD

New Construction-Commercial

Victoria Gardens Parking Structure in Rancho Cucamonga, CA

New Construction-Residential

Home in Palos Verdes – Eisenwall

New Construction-Industrial

Skechers Distribution Center in Rancho Belago, CA

Concrete Restoration-Concrete Restoration

The Pentagon in Washington, D.C.