Specify Rapid Set® cement products and improve the stability and value of concrete structures, protecting them from further damage and reducing future maintenance costs. Instead of removing and replacing old concrete, oftentimes concrete can be repaired and restored to its original condition. With Rapid Set cement products, you will achieve durable and long-lasting results for concrete structures, including facades on internal and external walls as well as concrete walkways, floors and any other jobs constructed with concrete. For any new industrial, commercial and residential concrete construction projects, the products you specify are critical. For both indoor and outdoor construction on public works facilities and industrial structures, retail, medical, office building, restaurants, hotels, residential, and a wide range of applications, Rapid Set cement products keep construction schedules moving forward and give you high quality, long-lasting results.

A concrete floor gives peace of mind as an economical, sustainable solution. Specifying Rapid Set cement products for floor repairs and underlayment, provides long-term benefits, ease-of-use and lower maintenance cost. Polished concrete floors are proving to be a lasting trend for warehouse, office and retail facilities.

With highway, bridge and airport repairs, meeting construction schedule deadlines and achieving structurally sound results are critical. Specifying Rapid Set products help crews make the repairs needed, while providing the fastest strength gain and highest durability. Choosing Type-K shrinkage compensating concrete technology in all types of structures will counteract drying-shrinkage cracking. The result is a concrete that offers advantages in design and construction over portland cement and minimizes drying shrinkage cracks.

Here is a comprehensive listing of applications and the CTS | Rapid Set products to use.


Low-P Bridge in St. Louis, MO


I-80 in Reno, NV


Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

Shrinkage Compensating-Water Treatment

Jonathon W. Rogers Water Treatment Plant (WTP) in El Paso, TX

Shrinkage Compensating-Flooring

Old Navy in Portland, OR

Flooring-Polished Overlay

Hi-Lo Food Stores in Trinidad


Disney Polynesian Resort in Orlando, FL


Costco Warehouse Store in Wheaton, MD

New Construction-Commercial

Victoria Gardens Parking Structure in Rancho Cucamonga, CA

New Construction-Residential

Home in Palos Verdes – Eisenwall

New Construction-Industrial

Skechers Distribution Center in Rancho Belago, CA

Concrete Restoration-Concrete Restoration

The Pentagon in Washington, D.C.