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Disney Polynesian Resort Receives Rapid Re-flooring

Keeping “The Most Magical Place on Earth” in top shape is no easy task. Construction and upgrades are constant at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Fla., but the vast property has unique requirements – projects must be completed fast with minimal disturbance to visitors.  Earlier this year, Cornerstone Construction Services of Orlando, Fla., was contracted to repair the restroom floor areas of 162 ground-level rooms at Disney’s Polynesian Resort, one of the original Walt Disney World resorts. The rooms were originally constructed approximately 40 years ago with a concrete slab on metal deck. Concrete was poured underneath the metal deck, which did not allow for even distribution of the concrete, and numerous problems have occurred through the years.

Approximately 10 years ago, Disney cut out the metal in the living/sleeping areas and rebuilt the floors. At that time, the bathroom floors were believed to be fine. However, the tile flooring in the bathrooms simply masked the rusting metal deck underneath that could no longer support the floor. The bathroom floors needed to be replaced.

Cornerstone Construction began the repair began in January 2013 to replace the ground-level bathroom floors in eight buildings. After the initial demolition of the floors, crews of 10 men working day shifts completed six to 12 rooms per day. The repair involved saw cutting out the existing metal, cleaning up the concrete, and then pouring new floors.


Because of the project’s fast schedule, traditional portland cement was not possible. So, the team selected Rapid Set® LevelFlor®, a hydraulic cement-based self-leveling underlayment manufactured by CTS Cement Manufacturing Corporation. LevelFlor allowed for traffic to commence within the project’s time requirements.


LevelFlor is an advanced hydraulic cement-based self-leveling underlayment that can be used both indoors and outdoors. LevelFlor rapidly levels, maintains workability for 30 minutes and produces a smooth, strong surface with high bond strength. It is designed for fast-track application, so it can accept foot traffic in approximately four hours and be coated in six hours at 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Cornerstone used approximately 50 bags per room.

After the old floor was removed, the voids in the floor varied anywhere from ¼- to 5-inches deep. A ratio of one 50-pound bag of LevelFlor extended with 25 pounds of washed pea gravel was mixed in a portable mixing station and poured in the deeper areas. The last inch was a pure LevelFlor pour. After workers poured out the material, the product self-leveled. After that, crews ran a smoother tool on top for a simple operation. Tile was placed on top of the new concrete floor, but once LevelFlor hardened, it’s hard to see that any work was done. It looks like a concrete floor that’s been there forever.

Even though the project was fast-track with limited working hours, the schedule was maintained, thanks to LevelFlor. Cornerstone Construction completed the repair in July 2013.


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