Cement All®

Cement All®: Multipurpose Repair Material & N...

Concrete Leveler™

Concrete Leveler™: Quick-Setting, Self-Leveling ...

Concrete Leveler™ Primer (CLP)

Concrete Leveler™ Primer (CLP): Acrylic-Based Pr...

Concrete Mix

Concrete Mix: Fast-Setting Concrete Repair Mix ...

Fast Anchoring & Repair Adhesive (Gray)

Two-Component, High Strength Epoxy Rapid Set mu...

Flexible Construction Adhesive

Hybrid Silane Polyether Sealant Rapid Set multi...

Mortar Mix

Mortar Mix: Fast-Setting High Strength Mortar F...


NewCrete™: Concrete Resurfacer Rapid Set Ne...

Non-Sag Sealant (Gray)

Hybrid Silane Polyether Sealant Rapid Set multi...

Why Use Rapid Set Cement Products?

Enjoy the More Important Things in Life

Save time by building and returning the concrete to full use in one hour. Get to other concrete repair, remodel or home improvement projects sooner. Or enjoy more time with family and friends, at sporting events, and doing leisurely activities.

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Simplify Your Projects

Rapid Set Cement All, Mortar Mix and Concrete Mix can be used for all of your concrete repair, remodel and home improvement projects. Unlike portland cement products that tend to require the use of multiple components (e.g. bonding agents, fortifiers, aggregates), just add water to Rapid Set cement products.

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Have Peace of Mind

Have peace of mind knowing that you’re getting high quality products. Get results that are durable, long lasting, visually pleasing and permanent. With Rapid Set, projects become permanent repairs, not temporary patches.

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Achieve Professional Results

Provide your loved ones with a home they can be proud of. The same Rapid Set products you use are used by construction professionals on high profile jobs like the construction of the Hoover Dam Bypass, the Pentagon rehabilitation, Lincoln Tunnel, Brooklyn Bridge, major roadways, airports and sports stadiums.

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Be Good to Our Environment

Use a greener, more sustainable cement. Rapid Set’s carbon footprint is 65% less than the carbon footprint of portland cement.  The lifecycle of Rapid Set cement concrete is at least 2 times more than portland cement concrete (80 years vs. 40 years).  This means portland cement concrete would have to be pulled out and replaced at least 2 times during ...

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Save Money and Time

Just add water to Rapid Set products; no other components to buy.
Use less product since most Rapid Set products can be applied in a single application.
Get long-lasting, permanent results; no more buying more product to re-repair and replace unsightly concrete.
Complete your projects faster with Rapid Set and save time; time is money.

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