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  • What is Rapid SetΠLevelFlorΠand what can I be used for?

    Rapid SetΠLevelFlorΠis a self-leveling underlayment that can be used to fill low spots and correct unevenness prior to installing tile, carpet, or epoxy coatings.

  • Does LevelFlor require a primer or bonding agent?

    Yes. When LevelFlor is placed over a porous substrate trapped air in the substrate migrates to the surface causing pinholes and bubbles. A primer seals the surface of the substrate, reducing or preventing pin holes. Primers can also reduce water loss into the substrate and increase adhesion.

  • What type of primer should I use with LevelFlor?

    Rapid SetΠAcrylic Primer has been specially formulated for best results with LevelFlor and is ideal for most applications. Rapid Set TXP٠epoxy primers are also compatible and recommended for applications with high moisture vapor transmission up to 20 lbs.

  • How should I mix LevelFlor and can it be pumped?

    LevelFlor can be mixed in buckets or barrels with a drill and Ԩelix styleԠpaddle mixer. A batch mixer and mortar pump can also be used.

  • How thick can LF be applied?

    LevelFlor can be applied neat up to 2 inches neat or up to 5 inches if extended with pea gravel. LevelFlor can also be troweled to a feather-edge to match existing elevations.

  • Is LevelFlor as fast as other Rapid SetΠproducts?

    LevelFlor is designed to provide more working time than some Rapid Set products. At 70ц, LevelFlor has a 15 minute flow life and can provide up to 30 minutes working time.

  • Can LevelFlor be used as a finished floor?

    LevelFlor can be used as a temporary wear surface accepting foot traffic in 3 to 4 hours and rubber wheel traffic in 24 hours but is not designed to be a permanent finished floor surface.

  • How soon can I place my finished floor over LevelFlor?

    In most cases, moisture insensitive flooring such as tile can be placed just 4 to 6 hours after placing LevelFlor. Moisture sensitive flooring such as epoxy or carpet can usually be placed in as little as 16 hours.

  • Is this product compatible with a vapor barrier or high relative moisture content application?

    Rapid SetΠAcrylic Primer is acceptable for use on concrete substrates that have less than or equal to 5 lbs. of moisture vapor per 1000 sq. ft. in 24 hours and relative humidity less than or equal to 79%. For substrates with greater moisture vapor emission rate or relative humidity, an epoxy primer and/or moisture vapor barrier must be used. Contact CTS Cement technical support for additional information