CTS Cement
CTS Cement


  • What is Rapid Set® Pipe Liner?

    Rapid Set Pipe Liner is made with advanced nano-ceramic technology, providing a low-shrink, sulfate-resistant, durable repair material. Pipe Liner is a pre-blended, polymer-modified hydraulic structural cement mortar lining specially designed and formulated for structural rehabilitation of pipes in situ. Pipe Liner is shear-thinning for easy pumping and thixotropic to reduce dropout or sag.

  • What applications is Pipe Liner ideal for?

    Pipe Liner is a specially formulated high-performance cement mortar for re-lining of damaged sewers, storm drains, wastewater pipes and culverts, providing a structural cementitious liner for infrastructure rehabilitation.

  • Is it a modified portland cement product?

    No, the high-performance properties come from Rapid Set® cement technology.

  • How is the product used?

    Pipe Liner is designed to be applied pneumatically for large applications or by hand for smaller applications.

  • How is the cement packaged?

    Pipe Liner is available in 55-lb (25-kg) 3-ply polyethylene lined bags. One 55-lb (25-kg) bag of Pipe Liner will yield approximately 0.5 ft3.