CTS Cement
CTS Cement


  • What's the purpose of the Rapid SetΠTRUΠPC Spiked Roller?

    The TRU PC Spiked Roller helps to release bubbles trapped below the surface, thereby reducing pinholes in the finished floor. It also helps to level the floor and remove lines left in the surface by the rake or smoother.

  • How wide is the TRU PC Spiked Roller?

    The TRU PC Spiked Roller is 18 inches (46 cm) wide.

  • How long do I need to roll the floor?

    Generally, one pass down and back is all that is required. Multiple passes may be necessary if bubbles can be seen forming in the surface. Do not roll after the film has begun forming on the surface.

  • Can I use the TRU PC Spiked Roller on TRUΠSelf-Leveling or TRUΠSP?

    The TRU PC Spiked Roller is designed specifically for TRU PC. The standard Rapid SetΠTRUΠSelf-Leveling Spiked Roller is ideal for TRU Self-Leveling and TRU SP because the higher volume of spikes are more efficient at releasing trapped air and increasing surface uniformity. There is also a possibility the TRU PC Spiked Roller could leave visual imperfections in the polished floor.