CTS Cement
CTS Cement


  • Where can I use WF?

    WunderFixx is a high performance product used as a smoothing compound for cosmetic patching, detailing and smoothing on tilt-up panels, precast, formed work, concrete block and other concrete masonry surfaces.

  • Is WF sandable?

    Yes, at normal temperatures, WunderFixx can be sanded the same day as application.

  • How should the surface be prepared?

    Surface must be clean, sound and free fom any material that may inhibit bond, such as oil, asphalt, curing compound, acid, dirt and loose debris. Surface must also be dry or saturated with no standing water. How much working time do I have with WF WunderFixx working time may vary depending on water ratio and ambient temperature, on average WF working time is around 30 minutes.

  • What color is WF?

    WunderFixx cures to a gray color that is designed to approximate the color of portland cement concrete.