TXP™ Epoxy Primer

Rapid Set® TXP™ Epoxy Primer:  Two Component, Moisture and Alkali Insensitive Epoxy Primer

When you need a high performance epoxy primer for use with your finished TRU® Self Leveling flooring applications, use Rapid Set® TXP™ (TRU® Epoxy Primer). This two-component, low VOC, moisture- and alkali-insensitive epoxy primer is recommended for most wear topping and decorative system installations. You can use TXP on moist substrates or five-day-old “green” concrete. Seal porous concrete with TXP to prevent pinholes and install floors quickly. Place moisture-insensitive flooring such as TRU Self Leveling in as little as 12 hours. With one-coat application, TXP is easy to use and offers high bond strength.

When applied at 12 mils (0.3mm) thickness, the adhesion of TXP and TRU Self Leveling will remain unaffected by moisture vapor transmission (MVT) and alkalinity up to pH of 14. Comply with subsequent manufacturer’s testing and installation requirements when their products are used in conjunction with TRU Self Leveling as part of an installed floor system.



The Datasheet explains the performance and technical characteristics of Rapid Set® TXP™ Epoxy Primer.  It also shows how to use TXP Epoxy Primer (i.e. surface preparation, mixing, placement and curing).

The Spanish Datasheet is also available here.


The Safety Data Sheet (SDS) outlines information and procedures for handling and working with Rapid Set® TXP™ Epoxy Primer.  It includes physical and chemical property information, potential hazards, emergency procedures and CTS’s contact information. SDS Part A is the TXP Epoxy Primer (Epoxy Resin) and SDS Part B is the TXP Epoxy Primer (Epoxy Hardener Compound).


The specification gives a detailed statement explaining the type of jobs to specify TXP™ Epoxy Primer for, the scope of work, thicknesses, performance requirements and usage. Here is the specification for TRU Self-Leveling polished floors and the specification for TRU PC Self-Leveling polished floors.  Here are the word documents for TRU Self-Leveling polished floors and TRU PC Self-Leveling polished floors.

Standard Practices

Q: What is TXP and what can it be used for?
A: TXP is a high performance, low VOC, two component, alkali-resistant epoxy designed to be used as a bonding primer prior to placement of TRU Self-Leveling. When sand is broadcast to refusal into TXP immediately after placement it provides an ideal substrate on which to place TRU Self-Leveling.

Q: How do I prepare the substrate prior to applying TXP?
A: Mechanically prepare the substrate by shot-blasting and/or diamond grinding to achieve ICRI Concrete Surface Profile (CSP) 3. The substrate must be clean, sound, have an absorptive surface and be free of oil, concrete sealers, or any other material that may inhibit bond. Remove all shot, dirt and other debris. Rinse all surfaces with clean water leaving no standing water prior to applying TXP.

Q: How thick should I apply TXP?
A: It is recommended that TXP be applied at 12 mils thickness. At this thickness a 3 gallon kit will cover approximately 400 square feet.

Q: Can the TXP withstand Moisture Vapor Transmission (MVT) from the slab?
Yes. When applied at the recommended 12 mils thickness over a properly prepared substrate, the TXP will not lose adhesion due to MVT. It will also remain unaffected by alkalinity up to a pH of 14.

Q: Is TXP a moisture vapor barrier?
A: No. TXP may reduce the transmission of water vapor but it is not considered a moisture vapor barrier. If a moisture sensitive topping is to be used, that manufacturer’s testing and installation requirements must be honored and a moisture vapor barrier may be required.

Q: How soon can I apply TRU over TXP?
A: The loose sand can be removed from the surface after 12 to 24 hours when the TXP is no longer tacky. All loose sand must be removed. TRU can be placed immediately after the sand is removed and the epoxy is hard enough to resist being deformed by a fingernail.

Q: Can other Rapid Set Products be placed over TXP?
A: Yes. TXP was designed to improve the performance of TRU Self-Leveling in polished applications but, when properly applied and broadcast with sand, it is compatible with all Rapid Set Cement Products. Use in applications where water loss into the substrate is to be minimized and high bond strength and minimal pin holes are required.

Jobs & Applications

  • Forever 21 Headquarters in Montebello, CA, RestoCrete (primer for TRU® Self Leveling)
  • Costco Warehouse Store in Wheaton, MD (primer for TRU Self Leveling)
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