Rapid Set® UltraFlow®:  Precision, Fluid , Non-Shrink Grout

Rapid Set® UltraFlow® 4000/8 offers you advantages that no other grout can match. A fluid-consistency grout, UltraFlow 4000/8 gives you extended working time in large placements. It gains strength quickly after 1 hour and reaches 4,000 psi in 8 hours. In the past, you may have had to choose between long working time and early strength gain, but UltraFlow 4000/8 provides both of these qualities. Pumpable and easy to place, UltraFlow 4000/8 doesn’t bleed or use gas-forming agents so no hollow spots form under the plate. Complete jobs faster by removing forms and completing cutbacks sooner. Paint or coat UltraFlow 4000/8 in 24 hours. One 55-pound bag yields 0.5 cubic feet.



The Datasheet explains the performance and technical characteristics of Rapid Set® UltraFlow®.  It also shows how to use UltraFlow (i.e. surface preparation, mixing, placement and curing).


The Safety Data Sheet (SDS) outlines information and procedures for handling and working with Rapid Set® UltraFlow®.  It includes physical and chemical property information, potential hazards, emergency procedures and CTS’s contact information.


The Specification gives a detailed statement explaining the type of jobs to specify Rapid Set® UltraFlow® for, the scope of work, thicknesses, performance requirements and usage.

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Standard Practices

Q: Can UltraFlow® 4000/8 be pumped?
A: Yes, in tests conducted by ChemGrout Inc. UltraFlow 4000/8 received the highest rating for pumpability of a cementious grout. Distances of up to 200 feet are no problem.

Q: What is the minimum thickness for placing UltraFlow 4000/8?
A: UltraFlow 4000/8 is very fluid and will get into the smallest spaces, but a minimum of ½” thickness should be specified and installed.

Q: What is the maximum thickness for UltraFlow 4000/8 grout?
A: UltraFlow 4000/8 can easily be placed to a thickness of 4”. There is no limit on the thickness placed into a grout lug pocket. For thicker grouting applications, consult with a CTS Cement Mfg. Rep.

Q: Can UltraFlow 4000/8 be extended with aggregate?
A: Under certain conditions UltraFlow 4000/8 can be extended with clean washed 3/8” pea gravel. The flow and placeability will be somewhat effected, consult with a CTS Cement rep. before proceeding with the installation.

Q: Does UltraFlow 4000/8 need to be cured and if so, how?
A: Yes, UltraFlow 4000/8 must be wet cured for at least 3 hours or until final set is reached. After form removal, UltraFlow 4000/8 should be coated with a performance grade curing compound.

Q: Do I need a bonding agent with UltraFlow 4000/8?
A: No, a bonding agent is not required when installing UltraFlow 4000/8. The surface of the foundation needs to be roughened and all damaged or contaminated concrete and latients need to be removed. The surface needs to be clean and in an SSD ( saturated surface dry) condition before placing UltraFlow.

Jobs & Applications

  • WorldTradeCenter in New York, NY (1 WorldTradeCenter 5C base plates)
  • MartinLutherKingBridge in Toledo, Ohio, United Constructors (cap plate grouting)
  • Arcelor Mittal Steel in Burns Harbour, IN, Capital Engineering (BOF charge car approach track grouting)
  • Beta Steel in Portage, IN, Tonn and Blank Construction (caster table repair and grouting)
  • US Steel in Gary, IN, Capital Engineering and Graycor (boiler house fan base grouting)
  • ISPAT / Inland Steel in E. Chicago, IN (64″ hot strip discharge table grouting)
  • Intek/Inkote Steel in New Carlisle, IN (compressor and pump base grouting)
  • US Steel in Gary, IN, Capital Engineering (GW HSM furnace repair)
  • Arcelor Mittal Steel in E. Chicago, IN, Superior Design    and Superior (slab transfer car rail grouting)
  • BP Amoco Oil in Whiting, IN, Orbital Engineering and Superior (underwater outflow diffuser box grouting)
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