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Home Depot Eco Options

What is Eco Options?

Many environmental claims are ambiguous, not clearly defined or focus on a single attribute. Until there is an overarching standard and method to measure sustainability in a comprehensive way, The Home Depot’s Eco Options program helps you sort through the green claims. Eco Options identifies products with less of an environmental impact than comparable standard products. When you purchase Eco Options products, you are helping you our environment.

How Did Rapid Set® Products Get Approved?

Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) conducted an independent evaluation of Rapid Set® Cement All®, Mortar Mix, and Concrete Mix. SCS used U.S. Environmental Protection Agency guidelines for Environmentally Preferable Products (EPP), which mandates that items in question meet or exceed environmental performance of a typical offering in the same product category throughout its life-cycle and without significant environmental trade-offs.

In The Home Depot’s building materials category, Rapid Set was chosen due to a 32–36 percent smaller carbon footprint on a pound-by-pound basis than portland cement, because production of Rapid Set consumes less limestone and fossil fuels. SCS also determined that Rapid Set meets EPP requirements regarding raw materials extraction and processing, packaging materials, product use, and disposal and transportation.

Which Rapid Set® Products are Eco Options Approved?

Cement All®, Mortar Mix, and Concrete Mix are Eco Options approved.

Environmental Sustainability Matters

If you want a more sustainable future so that your children and loved ones have a wonderful quality of life, what you do in the present matters. Learn about our environmental policy and how Rapid Set cement products contribute to a better world. Choose Rapid Set cement products and build a healthier environment for future generations to come.

Our Policy
Rapid Set Cement
At a Glance

EcoFriendlyLogoCTS Cement Manufacturing Corporation | Rapid Set® is committed to operating in an environmentally responsible manner. We manufacture cement in a conscientious manner to minimize CO2 emissions, protect natural resources, reduce waste, and reduce potential environmental and health hazards. It is our practice to assure the environmental integrity of our processes and facilities. As part of ongoing efforts to sustain the environment, CTS Cement commits to the following initiatives

RapidSetCement_88-LB_Bag_Reflection_1With Rapid Set, we’ve increased the use of recycled materials, reduced the amount of carbon emissions produced during manufacturing and increased the durability. You get a line of cement products that’s better for the environment, with a carbon footprint that’s 32 percent less than portland cement. And since the lifetime of Rapid Set cement concrete is 2 times more than portland cement concrete (80 years vs. 40 years), concrete is replaced less often. Less pollution is released into the environment and replacement costs are significantly lower.

AtAGlanceHome Depot Eco-Options Seal of Approval                      
Endorsed by Home Depot as a product line that has less of an impact on the environment

Reduced Carbon Emissions
The manufacturing process of Rapid Set cement results in lower emission of greenhouse gases and smog-producing nitrogen oxides when compared to portland cement.

Reduced Carbon Footprint
Production of Rapid Set cement emits 32% less CO2 than portland cement

Reduction in Wastes
By using by-products from the recycling of aluminum, we divert waste from being released to landfills

Longer Life Cycle
Repair or replace your concrete less frequently since Rapid Set cement lasts twice as long as portland cement

Green Packaging
Products are bagged and boxed in materials that are 100% recyclable.

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