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Rapid Set® is a brand of professional-grade cement products made with Rapid Set Cement, a calcium sulfoaluminate (CSA) cement technology. Unlike other CSA cements, Rapid Set is a standalone cement that does not require blending or additives to achieve its superior performance. Rapid Set products are engineered for high performance, versatility, low shrinkage, rapid strength gain, and long-lasting results – performance characteristics that save you significant time and money with reduced installation times, labor, and maintenance costs. Rapid Set gains structural strength in one hour. You can build faster and quickly put the structure or building into full service.

Komponent® is a brand of shrinkage-compensating concrete products made with Type K cement technology. These products let you significantly reduce or eliminate control joints, and alleviate curling and cracking due to drying shrinkage. Resolving these inherent issues protects the integrity and durability of the concrete, provides 60% greater abrasion resistance, and extends the life-expectancy of the installation. Komponent’s high durability prevents common and costly challenges related to concrete deterioration, repair, and structural failure. You minimize repairs and maintenance costs, reduce life-cycle costs, and maximize the sustainability of your concrete.