CTS Cement


Concrete for construction, repair and maintenance of containment structures.
Concrete containment structures are used for a wide variety of wet and dry bulk storage uses, secondary containment and dikes, holding basins, processing vessels, nuclear containment, and more. Their essential function is to keep materials contained and prevent leaks and spills that can be harmful to the environment and to health and human safety, making the integrity of the concrete containment structures crucial. Rapid Set® and Komponent® products have been successfully used in containment structures for over 50 years. Rapid Set’s complete line of high-performance repair and maintenance products ensure timely return to service of existing structures, while Komponent® shrinkage-compensating concrete solutions improve sulfate resistance, simplifies designs and eases construction challenges for new concrete structures and topping slabs.
Grouting Cement All®, Rapid Set® Cement, Komponent®
Repairs and rehab Concrete Mix, DOT Concrete Mix, DOT Repair Mix, FPP Concrete Mix, Liquid Low-P™, Mortar Mix, Mortar Mix Plus, UHPC Mortar, V/O Repair Mix
Reservoirs Komponent®
Secondary containment (concrete basin) Komponent®, System-K™
Storage & facilities Komponent®, System-K™
Tanks (wet and dry, horizontal) Komponent®, System-K™
Tanks (wet and dry, vertical) Komponent®
Topping slabs Concrete Mix, Komponent®, System-K™, DOT Repair Mix
Waterstop Repair Water Stop
System-K Concrete Extends the Service Life of Concrete Dam Caps

Engineer and contractor Structural Engineering Group (SEG) specified System-K – a blend of Komponent® shrinkage-compensating cement additive, K-Fiber™, and locally sourced portland cement – to replace eight concrete caps at the Jennings Randolph Lake dam.


Wellhead Caps for the Oil & Gas Industry

Downhole Products chose Rapid Set Cement for their wellhead caps. Using Rapid Set Cement helped the crew meet specifications of 3,500 psi in 24 hours.


Environmental Containment Structures

The concepts used to construct leak-proof tank farms can be adapted to other containment structures, such as truck loading/unloading stations, railroad loading and unloading stations, drum filling operations, and other areas where leaks or drippages are likely to occur. These environmentally safe state-of-the-art containment structures can be constructed due to the special characteristics of shrinkage compensating concrete made with Type K cement.


Shrinkage Compensating Concrete Designs

Today’s design, engineering, and construction professionals face a host of complex construction challenges. A vast majority of construction projects incorporate the use of concrete for its versatility, durability, and sustainability. This article discusses how Type K shrinkage-compensating cement improves the concrete by overcoming drying shrinkage cracking, reducing permeability, and improving sulfate resistance.


A Nasty Environment: High Performance Concrete in Texas Heat

More than ten years later the Roberto R. Bustamante Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) and the Jonathon W. Rogers Water Treatment Plant (WTP) are still crack free and leak free. Product used was Type K shrinkage-compensating cement.