CTS Cement
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Ken Vallens

President & CEO

Ken Vallens is President and CEO where he oversees the strategic direction of CTS. Ken holds Bachelors of Science degrees in Chemistry and Materials Engineering, and has completed post-graduate studies in Business Administration and Leadership at the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley and at the Wharton School. Since joining CTS in 1998 as our first Product Development Engineer, he deployed our Paint Products line, developed our Mining product line, led the creation of our CTS Mining Division, and led our efforts in the Engineering Sales, Research, and Product Development. Through Ken’s efforts and leadership, we have successfully launched over 70 unique products, and developed an Industry-leading reputation for innovation, performance, and quality. His expertise in cement technology, market dynamics, operations, and sales in both retail and the engineering sectors encompasses the broad scope of experience necessary to sustain our company's continued growth.

  • Most likely to: be flying or scuba diving
  • Favorite place: up in the air or 100 feet below the surface
  • Random fact: holds a single digit polo handicap
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Frank Senatore

President of Global Sales & Marketing

Frank Senatore is President of Global Sales and Marketing. He joined CTS in 2002 as National Service Manager, at a time when CTS’ retail and distributor business consisted only of scattered regional areas throughout the United States. Due to significantly growing our retail sales and distributors, Frank was named the National Sales Manager for the Packaged Products division. He was tasked with advancing our regional, national and international strategies, and developing our sales team. Frank was promoted to Vice President of Retail and International sales in 2008, and has successfully led our growth as a company since. Through Frank’s leadership, our distribution network has increased to over 7,000 stocking dealers worldwide. He is extremely passionate about the business and the partnerships that we have forged with our customers, distribution partners and employees.

  • Most likely to: find the way
  • Favorite place: any place with my family
  • Random fact: is a history buff
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Bill Stahr

General Counsel and CFO

Bill Stahr is General Counsel and CFO, where he leads the accounting and finance departments and oversees the legal affairs of CTS. Bill joined CTS in 2012, first as legal consultant and then as General Counsel and Director of Financial Planning before moving to his current role in 2016. Bill has over 30 years of business and legal experience in a variety of industries and roles. He loves the dynamic nature of his current position and the fact that CTS is a 100% employee-owned ESOP, where all employee-owners share in CTS’ success.

  • Most likely to: be reading something
  • Favorite place: any beach in Southern California
  • Random fact: is left-handed, along with 2 of his 3 siblings
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Jeremy Lariz

Vice President of Packaged Products

Jeremy Lariz is Vice President of Packaged Products where he overseas our construction supply yard and home center teams, and the sales of our bag and box products. He enjoys the people he works with, building relationships, and helping customers find a great solution for their project needs. His career with CTS began in 2007 where he was a merchandising assistant, regional manager, and national sales manager, before moving to his current position in 2015. People who work with Jeremy describe him as caring, dedicated, and motivated. In his free time, he likes playing basketball and coaching his daughter’s softball team.

  • Most likely to: talking on the phone
  • Favorite place: watching the sunset in Maui
  • Random fact: loves breakfast for dinner
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Joel Williamson

Vice President of Operations

Joel Williamson is Vice President of Operations where he oversees all cement manufacturing, packaged products production, and distribution networks. Joel holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering and spent the first decade of his career leading process and production efforts in portland cement manufacturing plants. Since joining CTS in 2012, he has held the positions of Production Manager, directing our cement production at multiple plants and of Operations Manager where he added oversight of our Eastern packaging and bulk terminal operations. Joel enjoys the fast-paced nature and diverse challenges the role brings.

  • Most likely to: be visiting a plant looking for improvement opportunities
  • Favorite place: the beach with family or the golf course with friends
  • Random fact: ran with the bulls in Pamplona
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Ryan Gardner

Vice President of Quality

Ryan Gardner is Vice President of Quality where he establishes and implements quality policies and processes to ensure customer satisfaction. He joined CTS in 1995 as a technical support representative where he applied his experience in commercial laboratories to help customers and the CTS sales team. For two years he ran the order desk and assisted in quality before being offered the position of Quality Manager. Since then, he’s led the effort to evaluate, qualify and start up over 40 manufacturing plants. He also represents CTS on industry technical committees. Ryan’s belief that quality and integrity will win in the long run has helped CTS maintain a reputation of performance and reliability. In his free time, he enjoys surfing, running and camping.

  • Most likely to: crack a joke
  • Favorite place: the beach
  • Random fact: hit three homeruns in a softball game with the Raiders
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Janet Ong Zimmerman

Vice President of Marketing

Janet Ong Zimmerman is Vice President of Marketing, and responsible for CTS’ corporate marketing programs and initiatives. Her love for marketing started at an early age when she and a friend created a flyer with the headline, “Name Any Job from A to Z and We’ll Do It for You at a Reasonable Fee”. That one flyer provided job security during middle school and high school, and led to a marketing career that spans more than 20 years. Janet graduated from the University of Southern California with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and focus in marketing. She believes marketing has the power to positively change lives when done with integrity. Janet loves marketing because it’s creative, analytical, and always evolving.

  • Most likely to: be drinking a green smoothie
  • Favorite place: Maui, it’s heaven on earth
  • Random fact: likes independent films and Audible
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Matt Sambol

Vice President of Product Development

Matt Sambol is Vice President of Product Development, where he leads the team of talented engineers and technical support staff to drive the development process from inception through product launch. Matt started his career as a Product Development Engineer at CTS in 2002 after graduating from UCLA with a BS in Materials Science and Engineering. He is most proud of his work developing and launching products in the TRU® flooring system. Matt loves that his career in product development provides the opportunity to innovate and solve problems.

  • Most likely to: be running
  • Favorite place: at a ballgame
  • Random fact: can solve a Rubik’s Cube
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Grant Kao

Vice President of Packaged Product Strategy and Compliance

Grant Kao is Vice President of Packaged Product Strategy and Compliance. His responsibilities include product market analysis, facilitating product acceptance and maintenance on State DOT qualified product lists, interfacing with national and international agencies to verify CTS products meet applicable specification standards, and working with universities to coordinate research on Calcium Sulfoaluminate (CSA) cement and CSA cement-based products. Additionally, Grant monitors laws and regulations to ensure compliance for CTS products. He has been with CTS since 2006 and has progressed from Product Development Engineer through Senior Director and Product Development positions up to his current role. Grant received his Bachelor’s in Materials Engineering from UCLA, a Master’s in Engineering Management from Duke University, and an Executive MBA from UCLA.

  • Most likely to: be shopping online
  • Favorite place: Boracay, Philippines
  • Random fact: holds four granted U.S. patents on cement
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Susan Foster

Director of Strategic Initiatives & Komponent® Sales

Susan Foster-Goodman is the Director of Strategic Initiatives & Komponent® Sales. She is responsible for new business development of the Komponent product line which includes sales, training, the Qualified Contractor program, marketing resources, and other key materials. She also manages the CTS AIA CEU program and supports the development of the CTS Sealants & Adhesives line. Susan holds an MBA from UMUC. Her 30-plus years of experience includes CSA cements, exterior insulation and finish systems (EIFS), stucco, waterproofing, resinous floor, wall and lining systems, marine coatings, tile & stone setting materials, and decorative overlays.

  • Most likely to: be getting things done
  • Favorite place: Turks & Caicos
  • Random fact: enjoys deep sea fishing, horseback riding, reading, and family time
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Steve Yun

Corporate Controller & Director of Finance

Steve Yun is the Corporate Controller and Director of Finance, where he oversees all Accounting, Finance, and IT functions. Prior to joining CTS in 2010, he earned his CPA in public accounting, specializing in SEC clients, internal controls, complex debt and equity transactions, and researching accounting and auditing pronouncements. After obtaining his CPA, Steve was a consultant in management and operations, agreed-upon-procedures, mergers & acquisitions, valuations, due-diligence procedures, bank negotiations, turnaround work, and maintaining investor relations. Steve’s favorite part about CTS is its people.

  • Most likely to: be engaged in a physical activity
  • Favorite place: anywhere on or near the ocean
  • Random fact: can’t remember phone numbers anymore