CTS Cement


For interior and exterior use in industrial, commercial and residential applications.
Adhesives and sealants are used in a wide range of construction applications to fill gaps, cavities and spaces, create barriers, and securely hold things together. They are used in all types of construction projects and structures, from commercial to infrastructure, for both interior and exterior applications. Applications range from exterior glazing sealants to floor slab joint filler; from repair adhesives and bolt anchoring to rebar doweling. Rapid Set® construction adhesives are bonding agents for both structural and non-structural applications, and can be used with masonry, concrete, and other building materials. Rapid Set® construction sealants offer reliable barrier protection from moisture, debris or other contaminants entering an undesired location in a building, element or structure. Rapid Set’s adhesives and sealants offers fast, strong and durable performance with easy workability and flow.