Rapid Set

Flexible Construction Adhesive and Sealant

Multi-Purpose Hybrid Silane Polyether

Tack-free in 35 minutes, paintable in 1 hour.
Adheres to dry and damp substrates.
Easy flow application for horizontal, vertical and overhead surfaces.

Flexible Construction Adhesive and Sealant is a single-component, strong adhesive and sealant that provides a secure elastic bond with exceptional durability, superior weather resistance, and excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates. Use on these substrates: EPDM and SBS-modified bitumen membranes, aluminum, galvanized metal, steel, engineered plastics, PVC, glass, fiberglass (FRP), and EPS foam. Available in a gray color. Conforms to: ASTM C920, Type S, Grade NS, Class 50, Uses T1,NT, M, G, A, O, ASTM E84, Class A.

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Technical Documents

Flexible Construction Adhesive and Sealant resources available in PDF format

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