CTS Cement


Shotcrete mixtures for mining and tunneling environments.
Since shotcrete requires less formwork, it can be more economical than conventionally placed concrete. Shotcrete is applied using a wet- or dry-mix process. The wet-mix shotcrete process mixes all ingredients, including water, before introduction into the delivery hose. The dry-mix shotcrete process adds water to the mix at the nozzle. Shotcrete is used in new construction and repairs, and is suitable for curved and thin elements (ACI 506R). Use Rapid Set® cement products on vertical and overhead surfaces.
The Use of CSA Rapid Setting Cement for Underground Construction

CSA cement is a proven technology for the underground construction industry. The fast set time, high strength, low porosity, high chemical stability and sulfate resistance make it a material uniquely suited for underground repairs, shotcrete and other applications as needed.