PRODUCT: Rapid Set® DOT Concrete Mix

Fast-setting multipurpose repair material is ready for traffic in two hours.

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GARDEN GROVE, Calif. – CTS Cement Manufacturing Corp., manufacturer of Rapid Set® professional-grade cement products, introduces Rapid Set® DOT Concrete Mix, a high-performance, polymer-modified, and fiber-reinforced concrete repair material that sets fast to achieve structural strength within two hours. Durable in wet environments, it is a blend of Rapid Set® hydraulic cement, high-performance additives, fibers, and quality aggregates. The product is non-metallic and no chlorides are added.

Formulated for long life in critical applications, DOT Concrete Mix is recommended whenever fast strength gain, high durability, and low shrinkage are desired. Applications include general and structural concrete, highway and joint repair as well as construction of pavements and bridges, airport pavements, marine pilings, parking decks and ramps, sidewalks and steps, footings, and formed work. (Here’s the datasheet.)

“The performance characters engineered into DOT Concrete Mix – integral corrosion inhibitor, fiber reinforcement, and other high-performance additives – provide the most durable, versatile, and easy-to-use product on the market,” says Vice President of Product Development Matt Sambol. “DOT Concrete Mix is designed to resist the harshest freeze-thaw environments and protects against corrosion brought on by deicing salts used by DOTs around the country. This is in addition to the longer service life naturally provided by the Rapid Set® belitic calcium sulfoaluminate (BCSA) cement when compared to portland cement-based products.”

Other advantages include the ability to achieve compressive strengths of 4500 psi (31 MPa) in 24 hours and 6500 psi (44.8 MPa) in 28 days. Just mix DOT Concrete Mix with water to produce a workable, quality concrete repair material that is ready for traffic and loading in two hours.

Using DOT Concrete Mix also reduces a project’s carbon footprint and lowers its environmental impact, as the production of Rapid Set® Cement emits far less carbon dioxide than portland cement production. (Click here to download a two-page summary of its Type III EPD, which may be accepted for LEED jobs or other submittals.)

DOT Concrete Mix has been specially formulated to match the color of typical portland cement concrete. One 60-pound bag yields approximately 0.42 cubic feet.

Questions? Contact Vice President of Marketing Janet Ong Zimmerman at 714-793-1010 or

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