PRODUCT: Rapid Set® TiltWallFixx™ Textured

Polymer-modified patching compound contains fine aggregate for interior and exterior projects where a super-smooth surface isn’t desired.

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GARDEN GROVE, Calif. – CTS Cement Manufacturing Corp., manufacturer of professional-grade Rapid Set® calcium sulfoaluminate (CSA) cement, prides itself on solving common jobsite challenges. For projects involving precast, tilt-up, and cast-in-place concrete, for example, we offer three products that quickly eliminate imperfections so contractors can move on to the next stage of the job the same day.

Rapid Set® WunderFixx® patching and smoothing compound replaces the time-consuming and unhealthy sacking-and-patching method of eliminating bug holes and honeycombs up to ½-inch deep. Before the product was introduced in the early 2000s, contractors would wet the surface with a cement slurry and rub it with a burlap sack loaded with a mixture of dry cement and sand. The mix would often blow away, filling the air with fine particles and wasting material. After all that, the finished surface often wasn’t as smooth as desired.

WunderFixx is a blend of Rapid Set, high-performance polymers, self-curing technology (SCT), and finely ground aggregate that doesn’t require curing. Just mix with water and apply. Trowel marks can be sanded to a super-smooth finish and painted the same day.

After WunderFixx came TiltWallFixx™, a formulation with longer working time (90 minutes) for surface imperfections up to ¼-inch deep.

Now, for architects and project owners who prefer a slightly rougher surface, there’s TiltWallFixx™ Textured, which contains fine aggregate that can be sponge-finished to achieve the desired finish. It can be applied in thicknesses from 1/16-inch (0.2 cm) to ¼-inch (0.6 cm) and feathered to match existing elevations. Like TiltWallFixx, working time is 90 minutes.

“All three are single-component products, which means they require only water – no latex glue or other admixtures – for mixing,” says Vice President of Product Development Matt Sambol. “All three have excellent adhesion to concrete, block, and plaster. They can be applied on vertical, overhead, and non-wearing horizontal surfaces. They’re self-curing, which saves time and labor. WunderFixx sets fast and can be used for flat surfaces as well as bug holes and spalls. TiltWallFixx and TiltWallFixx Textured have more working time so workers can coat large areas without having to remix. And, because they’re durable in wet environments, they’re equally effective in exterior and interior applications.”

Sold in 50-pound bags, TiltWallFixx Textured is available at building materials dealers and supply yards.

Questions? Contact Vice President of Marketing Janet Ong Zimmerman at 714-793-1010 or

About Us: CTS Cement Manufacturing Corp. manufactures Rapid Set® professional-grade calcium sulfoaluminate (CSA) cement products and Komponent® shrinkage-compensating portland cement additive used to make Type K cement for new construction and concrete repair and restoration. Contractors, owners, engineers, and architects choose our products to quickly deliver highly durable and aesthetically pleasing projects. Visit for more information – and connect with us to see how contractors use our products:

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