Rapid Set


Concrete Admixture for Triple Protection Against Corrosion

DESCRIPTION: Rapid Set® LIQUID LOW-PTM is a high-performance admixture designed to extend the life of reinforced concrete structures. Available for bulk or individual use, LIQUID LOW-P is mixed with Rapid Set concrete to provide triple protection against corrosion by creating a protective barrier around embedded steel, repelling water, and reducing chloride-ion permeability. The versatility of LIQUID LOW-P on your volumetric mixer allows you to readily switch between the production of low permeability concrete and standard concrete.

USES: Use LIQUID LOW-P for reinforced concrete structures, bridge deck overlays, pavement repairs, elevated deck repairs, tunnels, parking structures, marine and other coastal structures, or other projects subjected to high humidity, deicing salts, severe weathering, and other corrosive environments.

ENVIRONMENTAL ADVANTAGE: LIQUID LOW-P improves construction sustainability by extending the service life of the concrete structures.

MIXING: In bulk applications, use 10.0 fl. oz (296 mL) per 100-lb (45.4-kg) of cement.

PLACEMENT: Use traditional placement and curing methods for concrete modified with LIQUID LOW-P.

CORROSION POTENTIAL: LIQUID LOW-P™ significantly lowers the corrosion potential of Rapid Set® concrete when evaluated under electrochemical corrosion test methods. The admixture reacts in the alkaline environment of cementitious systems and forms a protective layer that binds to and protects the embedded steel reinforcement. LIQUID LOW-P also reduces the permeability of Rapid Set concrete, thereby reducing the penetration of chloride ions and water that can lead to corrosion of the embedded steel reinforcement.

YIELD & PACKAGING: LIQUID LOW-P is available in 5-gallon (18.9-L) pails.

SHELF LIFE: LIQUID LOW-P has a shelf life of 12 months when stored properly at 40°F to 104°F (4°C to 40°C), out of direct sunlight, and in a tightly closed, undamaged container. Do not allow material to freeze.

USER RESPONSIBILITY: LIQUID LOW-P may be used with portland cement-based products at the user’s discretion. Before using CTS products, read current technical data sheets, bulletins, product labels and safety data sheets at www.CTScement.com. It is the user’s responsibility to review instructions and warnings for any CTS products prior to use.

Please refer to the SDS and www.CTScement.com for additional safety information regarding this material.

LIMITED WARRANTY: CTS CEMENT MANUFACTURING CORP. (CTS) warrants its materials to be of good quality and, at its option, will replace or refund the purchase price of any material proven to be defective within one (1) year from date of purchase. The above remedies shall be the limit of CTS’ responsibility. Except for the foregoing, all warranties expressed or implied, including merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are excluded. CTS shall not be liable for any consequential, incidental, or special damages arising directly or indirectly from the use of the materials.

WARNING: CANCER and REPRODUCTIVE HARM - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

Protective barrier around embedded steel
Water repellent
Reduces chloride permeability
Versatile in bulk concrete production
Tested in Accordance With:
ASTM C1202
MasterFormat® 2020
03 05 00Common Work Results for Concrete
03 30 00Cast-In-Place Concrete
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Active ingredient, by weight50%
Chloride Content<0.1%
Density0.99 0.01 g/cm3
pH Value9.5 – 11.5
Chloride Ion Permeability, ASTM C1202
28 daysVery Low, < 1000 Coulombs
Surface Resistivity, AASHTO T-358
28 daysVery Low, > 37 kΩ·cm
Freeze Thaw, ASTM C666 Procedure A
300 cycles, Durability> 99%
Data based on 7-sack mix design
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