• What is Rapid Set Concrete Mix?

    Rapid Set Concrete Mix is a blend of high-performance Rapid Set Cement with quality rock and sand. It provides rapid strength gain, high durability and low shrinkage. Simply mix with water and it will reach structural strength in one hour.

  • Is this a modified portland cement product?

    No. The high-performance properties come from the Rapid Set Cement in the mix.

  • How soon can Rapid Set be painted, coated or sealed?

    Rapid Set reduces the waiting time prior to coating. Under dry conditions, water-based coatings such as latex paint can be applied after the product is hardened and dry, which usually takes 1 to 4 hours. Solvent-based and impermeable coatings such as oil-based paint and epoxy can be applied in 16 hours. Experience has shown that some coatings can be applied in much less time. Follow the coating manufacturer's recommendations for surface condition.

  • Is a bonding agent necessary?

    Bonding agents are not required. Proper surface preparation is the main component in achieving a good bond. If bonding agents are desired, they should be used as a supplement to good surface preparation, not as a substitute.

  • Can I blend other bagged products with Concrete Mix?

    Blending with other products may give unpredictable results and is not recommended. The use of Rapid Set approved additives and various colors are acceptable.

  • How thick can I apply this product?

    Apply Concrete Mix from 2 inches to 24 inches.

  • Is Concrete Mix air entrained?

    All Concrete Mix is air entrained except for the product made in California.

  • How do I mix it?

    Just add water. The use of a mechanical mixer such as a mortar mixer or drill-mounted mixer is recommended. To maximize working time, organize work so that all people and equipment are in place before mixing.

  • How do I place and finish it?

    Using traditional methods, place and strike-off to desired level. Rapid Set is fast and does not bleed water so apply your final finish immediately after placing. Organize your tools and people so you can work quickly. On flat work, fill to full depth and proceed horizontally. Do NOT place in layers.

  • How do I cure Concrete Mix?

    Water cure all Concrete Mix installations. The objective of water curing is to maintain a wet surface until the product has achieved sufficient strength. Begin curing as soon as the surface has lost its moist sheen and continue for a minimum of 1 hour.

  • What are common applications for Concrete Mix?

    Concrete Mix can be used for most concrete applications. Common applications range from fence posts to airport runway repair. Formed work and general concrete repair are the most frequent use.

  • How do I increase the working time?

    You can increase the working time by lowering the mix temperature or using set retarding additives. Lower the mix temperature by keeping product cool and using chilled mix water. Rapid Set SET Control additive will increase working time and is available through our Concrete Pharmacy.

  • Can I use color?

    Yes. The color of Concrete Mix can be modified by using dry powder pigments designed for use in cement mixes.

  • How do I prepare the surface?

    Roughen the surface and remove all damaged or contaminated concrete. Make sure the repair surface is not contaminated by oil, paint, acids, dirt or other materials that will prevent a good bond. Immediately prior to placement, saturate the repair surface with water then remove any standing water.

  • How much do I need?

    One bag of Concrete Mix yields 0.5 cubic feet. That's one square foot six inches deep. If you need an answer more specific to your application, use our Concrete Calculator.

  • Can I use it in wet applications?

    Yes. Concrete Mix is made with Rapid Set Cement, which is a hydraulic cement. A hydraulic cement hardens under water.

  • What is the shelf life?

    When stored in a dry location in an undamaged package, Concrete Mix has a shelf life of 12 months.

  • Does temperature affect Concrete Mix?

    Cold temperatures will slow the setting time of Concrete Mix and warm temperatures will speed it up. Greater changes in temperature will have a more pronounced effect.