• What is Corrosion Inhibitor?

    Corrosion Inhibitor is a high-performance additive designed to extend the life of reinforced concrete structures. Available in individual use packets, Corrosion Inhibitor is a specialty powder additive that is combined with Rapid SetΠconcrete repair materials during mixing. Corrosion Inhibitor provides triple protection against corrosion by creating a protective barrier on embedded steel, repelling water and reducing chloride ion permeability.

  • What applications is Corrosion Inhibitor used for?

    Use Corrosion Inhibitor in corrosive environments such as marine applications, high humidity, roadways subject to deicing salt, and severe weathering. Corrosion Inhibitor may be used in combination with all other products of the Rapid SetΠConcrete Pharmacyή

  • What are the unique features of Corrosion Inhibitor?

    Creates a protective barrier on embedded steel Acts as a water repellent Reduces ion chloride permeability

  • How much can I use?

    Use one 1.7-oz (50-grams) packet of Corrosion Inhibitor per 50-lb to 70-lb bag of Rapid Set pre-blended concrete repair product. For severe conditions, up to 2 packets may be added. Use only with approved Rapid Set products.

  • How do I dose it into the Rapid Set product?

    Place water into the mixing container. While mixing, add half the dry cement product. While continuing to mix, add Corrosion Inhibitor packet(s) followed by the remainder of the cement product. Combine with other Concrete Pharmacy products for added performance. DO NOT ADD Corrosion Inhibitor directly to mixing water.