• What is Rapid Set DOT Repair Mortar?

    Rapid Set DOT Repair Mortar is a specially mortar that produces a high performance concrete repair material that allows for early opening of pavement repairs to traffic.

  • How is DOT Repair Mortar used?

    DOT Repair Mortar is ideal for use where repair strength, low shrinkage, and high durability are desired.

  • Is it a modified Portland cement product?

    No. The high-performance properties come from the Rapid Set Repair Mortar in the mix.

  • How thick can I apply DOT Repair Mortar?

    DOT Repair Mortar concrete can be applied from 1/2" to 6" neat and up to 24" when extended with 50 lbs of (3/8"-3/4") coarse aggregate added to 70-lb DOT Repair Mortar.

  • How do I cure DOT Repair Mortar?

    Water cure all DOT Repair Mortar installations by keeping exposed surfaces wet for a minimum of 1 hour. Begin curing as soon as the surface starts to lose its moist sheen. When experiencing extended setting time due to cold temperature or the use of retarder, longer curing times may be required. The objective of water curing shall be to maintain a continuously wet surface until the product has achieved sufficient strength.

  • Is a scrub coat needed when applying this material?

    Proper surface preparation is the most important step to achieve good adhesion of a repair mortar. In addition to proper surface prep, working or scrubbing the material into the substrate is an option to improve the adhesion when applied properly. Ensure the material is properly worked into the recessed areas of the substrate and apply the repair mortar immediately while the scrub coat is wet. Promptly building to full depth reduces the risk of developing a cold joint.