• What is FLOW Control?

    It is an additive that increases the fluidity of your mix. It makes your mix more flowable without the addition of more water. The reduced mix water also increases the strength of your mix.

  • How much is in a packet?

    Each packet contains 60 grams (2.12 ounces).

  • How much do I need to use?

    1 to 2 packets per 55 to 60 lb. bag of Rapid Set product will produce a very fluid almost self-leveling wet mix. Add up to 4 packets per bag.

  • How do I add it to my mix?

    In 70Рdegree or warmer applications, add the FLOW Control to your mix water first. In colder conditions, add the Flow Control to your mixture once you have combined your Rapid Set product and mix water.

  • Can I use it with other additives?

    It can be used with with other Rapid Set Concrete Pharmacy items or certain approved additives.