• What are the differences between Rapid Set Mortar Mix and Rapid Set Mortar Mix Plus (MMP)?

    Mortar Mix Plus is enhanced with high performance additives to increase bond strength, corrosion resistance, permeability, and freeze thaw resistance. It also comes tinted gray in color. MMP can be used in any application Mortar Mix can but will provide additional features to meet more stringent job requirements.

  • Can I add color to MMP?

    Yes, color pigments designed for use with cement mixes may be used to modify the color of MMP.

  • Is a bonding agent necessary?

    In most applications, bonding agents are not required. Please follow surface preparation recommendations on Rapid Set products technical datasheets. If a bonding agent is required because these conditions cannot be met, or if the use of bonding agents is mandated, follow the bonding agent manufacturers recommendation for installation. Rapid Set products have been successfully applied in conjunction with a wide variety of surface applied bonding agents, including epoxy systems. Selection and suitability of the bonding agent is the responsibility of the specifier and/or the installer.

  • Is a scrub coat needed when applying this material?

    Proper surface preparation is the most important step to achieve good adhesion of a repair mortar. In addition to proper surface prep, working or scrubbing the material into the substrate is an option to improve the adhesion when applied properly. Ensure the material is properly worked into the recessed areas of the substrate and apply the repair mortar immediately while the scrub coat is wet. Promptly building to full depth reduces the risk of developing a cold joint.