• How fast does Rapid Set Cement gain strength?

    Rapid Set Cement gains strength much faster than portland cement. In most cases, material made using Rapid Set Cement can be put into service in as little as one hour. Rapid Set Cement mixes will obtain strengths in one day that an equivalent portland cement mix will take 1 month to achieve.

  • What makes it fast?

    It's in the chemistry. When Rapid Set Cement combines with water (hydrates), it forms crystalline compounds that are unique to Rapid Set Cement. These compounds form faster than the compounds in portland cement.

  • Is it durable?

    Yes! Rapid Set Cement shrinks less and is more resistant to harsh chemical environments than portland cement. Shrinkage, attack from sulfates, and alkali reactions play a major role in concrete durability. Rapid Set Cement outperforms the competition in all three areas.

  • How do I buy Rapid Set Cement? What size packaging?

    Rapid Set Cement is available in a variety of forms: Blended and prepackaged into our line of quality, high-performance concrete repair materials know as Rapid Set products. Packaged as straight cement in 50-lb. bags, 88-lb. bags, and 2000-lb. bags. In bulk form delivered by tank truck or rail car.

  • How do I mix it?

    Rapid Set Cement is mixed using equipment and methods common to the concrete industry. Consideration should be made for the speed of Rapid Set. It is recommended that power- driven mechanical mixers be used to maximize the working time after mixing. Additives are available to allow for the extended mixing and transport times of high-volume applications.

  • How do I increase the working time?

    The working time of Rapid Set Cement is easily modified through the use of chemical additives or by lowering the mix temperature.

  • Is it the same color as regular concrete?

    Rapid Set is similar in color to portland cement. The color of portland cement varies but Rapid Set is generally lighter and more tan in color.

  • Can I change the color?

    Yes. The color of Rapid Set Cement can be easily changed using dry and liquid powder pigments designed for use in cement mixes. Due to the lighter color of Rapid Set, the resulting colors are often more vibrant.

  • Is this a gypsum cement?

    Rapid Set Cement is not a gypsum cement. Unlike gypsum, Rapid Set Cement can be used in wet environments.

  • Is this a modified Portland cement?

    Rapid Set Cement is not a portland cement. It is made using similar materials and manufacturing processes but the end result is a cement of different chemistry that offers higher performance and increased durability. Rapid Set is not an accelerated cement. It comes out of the manufacturing process with built-in performance.