• What is SET Control?

    It is an additive used to slow the setting time of Rapid Set products which allows more time to place and finish your mix. It is ideal for warm weather or larger placement applications.

  • How much is in a packet?

    Each packet contains 25 grams (.88 ounces).

  • How much do I use?

    At moderate 70-degree temperatures, 1 packet per 55 to 60 lb. bag of Rapid Set product will give you an additional 20 minutes working time. Add up to 4 packets per bag or as little as your application requires.

  • How do I add it to my mix?

    Adding it to your mix water before adding the Rapid Set product will give you better distribution in your mix.

  • Can I use it with other additives?

    It can be used in conjunction with other Rapid Set Concrete Pharmacy items, various colors, and approved additives.