• What is System-K

    System-K is a patented shrinkage-compensating concrete slab solution that provides a cost-effective approach to non-structural slab designs commonly specified for warehouses, distribution centers, offices or laboratory areas, retail or other "light duty" environments. It is commonly specified in topping slabs for renovation or rehabilitation projects. It combines the Komponent shrinkage-compensating cement additive and synthetic 1/4 inch microfibers known as K-Fibers with portland cement, to create a microfiber reinforced concrete slab that only requires rebar reinforcement at the perimeter of the slab and at reentrant corners.

  • Are there industry specs or guidelines that can be used as references for project specifications and construction detailing?

    Yes. ACI 223 - Guide for the Use of Shrinkage-Compensating Concrete and various ASTM standards (i.e., ASTM C845, ASTM C806 and ASTM C878) are available to guide engineers, design professionals, construction teams, and testing labs in the design, specification, performance and installation of Type K shrinkage-compensating cement concrete and non-shrink grout.

  • Where can I use System-K shrinkage-compensating cement concrete?

    System-K shrinkage-compensating cement concrete is suitable for use in non-structural slab designs like warehouses, distribution centers, offices or laboratory areas, retail or other "light duty" environments. It is commonly specified in topping slabs for renovation or rehabilitation projects.

  • What is the recommended joint spacing?

    System-K shrinkage-compensating concrete offers exceptional flexibility in design and joint spacing. With L:W ratios up to 3:1 and floor slab joint spacing commonly up to 130 feet with no control joints.

  • What about System-K and structural steel?

    Perimeter steel and traditional rebar reinforcement at re-entrant corners is recommended with these microfiber reinforced slabs. This provides protection against cracks that can occur at a floor slab/wall interface and commonly widen over time. The perimeter reinforcement helps hold any incidental cracks that may occur tightly together.

  • Can we be guaranteed a crack-free project?

    System-K offers every design and construction team the most reliable method of minimizing or eliminating drying shrinkage cracking and unsurpassed dimensional stability (eliminating curling, minimizing creep and moment, etc.). It cannot, however, overcome poor installation practices, insufficient structural design, or inadequate mix designs. ASTM C878 should be run on all mix designs to ensure dosages will meet performance requirements.

  • How are strengths affected when using shrinkage-compensating concrete?

    System-K uses the Komponent additive, which is based on an advanced CSA cement chemistry. It improves both compressive and flexural strengths. Typically, strengths are improved by approximately 10-15% depending on the mix design used.

  • How do we incorporate the K-Fibers?

    K-Fibers are provided in 2.2-lb disposable bags. They are simply added directly into the rotating truck barrel before the portland cement, Komponent, or other supplementary cementitious materials are added. Mixing the K-Fibers into the drum with the aggregates helps evenly disperse the microfibers throughout the mix and ensures they disappear into the concrete.

  • Will the K-Fibers create a "hairy" finish?

    No. The "hairy" concrete phenomenon is commonly experienced with the use of macrofibers (larger, stringy strands). The microfibers will literally disappear into the concrete.

  • Where is System-K available?

    System-K is available nationwide and internationally. It is sold direct to market. Interested customers can contact our corporate office or a member of our Engineering Sales Team, and we will help facilitate the order.

  • What unit sizes are available?

    System-K is comprised of Komponent, which is available in bulk rail or tanker trucks, 2000-lb super sacks, 90-lb bags and 50-lb bags, and K-Fibers, which are provided in 2.2-lb disposable bags.