• What is TRU PC and what can it be used for?

    Rapid Set TRU PC is a self-leveling overlayment that can be polished to expose the aggregate and simulate the appearance of polished concrete. TRU PC is ideal for polished concrete floors in schools, airports, warehouses, retail, restaurants, lobbies, and more.

  • Can TRU PC be polished?

    TRU PC can be polished after 24 hours at normal conditions. It polishes much like concrete and can achieve high gloss and clarity.

  • Can color be added to TRU PC?

    Yes. TRU PC comes in a natural color ideal for adding integral colors. Liquid pigments are recommended because they generally have a lesser effect on the flow of TRU PC. However, the type of color and the amount used may alter and/or decrease the performance characteristics of TRU PC. Stains and dyes can also be an effective means of coloring the TRU PC. With any method, a test pour should be conducted using uncolored TRU PC as well as TRU PC with the intended color for comparison. If the color negatively impacts the performance, the color additive should be reduced or eliminated.

  • How do I best expose maximum aggregate with TRU PC?

    Mix TRU PC starting at 3.75 quarts (3.5 L) of potable water per bag to best maximize aggregate exposure. Use the least amount of water possible to keep the aggregate near the surface. Grind until the aggregate exposure is as required.

  • What is the minimum thickness that TRU PC can be applied at?

    TRU PC can be placed at a minimum thickness of 3/8" (10 mm) onto a prepared and primed substrate. Finished floors subject to high load traffic must be applied at a minimum of 1/2" (13 mm) thick.

  • Does TRU PC require a primer prior to placement?

    Yes. When TRU PC is placed over a porous substrate trapped air in the substrate migrates to the surface causing pinholes and bubbles. A primer seals the surface of the substrate, reducing or preventing pin holes. Primers can also reduce water loss into the substrate and increase adhesion.

  • What type of primer should I use with TRU PC?

    For most applications, the Rapid Set GXP or TXP line of epoxy primers is recommended. Consult with your local CTS representative to determine which primer is right for your application.

  • How should I mix TRU PC and can it be pumped?

    Multi-bag batches produce more uniform results. Use an ICRI 320.5R #P2 or #P9 helix-style paddle with a Hippo Mixer or similar batch mixer to achieve a uniform mix consistency. After the final bag is added to the batch, mix an additional 2-3 minutes until the mixture is lump-free. After proper mixing in a batch mixer, a mortar pump can be used to pump and place material if required.

  • Is there a color chart of TRU PC colors available?

    Yes. If you would like a TRU Self Leveling, TRU SP and TRU PC Color Chart, contact your local Rapid Set representative or call our office at 1-800-929-3030.