• What is Rapid Set TXP Fast's VOC emissions?

    Rapid Set TXP Fast is 100% solids, has low odor, and 0 VOC.

  • How should the surface be prepared?

    Surface must be dry, porous, clean, sound, and free of grease, oil curing compounds, dust, mastic and other contaminants or bond breakers. Mechanically profile the surface by shot blasting or grinding to achieve ICRI Concrete Surface Profile (CSP) 3-5. Acid etching the concrete surface is not permitted. Upon completion of mechanical preparation, remove all shot, dust, dirt and debris.

  • How should I mix TXP Fast?

    Mix Part A for 2 minutes with a drill and paint mixer. Then add the entire contents of Part B to the entire content of Part A and mix for an additional 2 minutes. Do not attempt to mix partial kits.