• What kind of Adhesives does Rapid Set have?

    Rapid Set Adhesives are rigid structural adhesives that provide high strength and superior bond. The two formulations (Rapid Set Ultra-Fast and Rapid Set Fast Anchoring & Repair Adhesives) tailor cure times to meet the project needs and maximize installation efficiency.

  • What performance advantages do Rapid Set Adhesives offer?

    The key performance advantages of the Rapid Set adhesive technologies include: superior bond, high load capacity, high heat deflection temperature, good heat resistance and good chemical resistance. Rapid Set Adhesives are non-odor formulations that are suitable for use in occupied space, and can be used in both interior and exterior applications.

  • Where are Rapid Set Adhesives used?

    Rapid Set Ultra-Fast and Rapid Set Fast Anchoring & Repair Adhesive are ideal for anchoring bolts, rebar and dissimilar materials to concrete and masonry. They can also be used for wide crack repair and void patching.