• Do I need training to use Water Stop?

    No training is required, but if you don’t feel comfortable using Water Stop you can contact one of our representatives for an application tutorial.

  • How much time do I have to work with Water Stop?

    Because Water Stop is formulated to stop low pressure leaks it will set in less than five minutes and even faster in hot weather.

  • How can I get more working time with Water Stop?

    Just like with any other Rapid Set product you can use chill water to increase the working time of Water Stop.

  • Can I use Water Stop to seal cracks in fish tank?

    Yes, Water Stop can be used in this application only if the tank is emptied before applying repairs.

  • What makes Water Stop so fast?

    Water Stop is made with Rapid Set Cement which is naturally fast but modifying the chemistry of Rapid Set Cement allows it to become even faster.

  • What is the minimum and maximum thickness I can use to apply Water Stop?

    When considering Water Stop it is more important to consider the hydrostatic pressure in the substrate rather than how thick or thin Water Stop can be applied. For active leaks the hydrostatic pressure must be below 2 pounds per square inch (psi) or 5 feet of head pressure. If hydrostatic pressure is below 2 psi Water Stop can be applied as thin as 1/8" and as thick as 2".

  • Can Water Stop be used under water?

    Water Stop is made with Rapid Set cement, which is a hydraulic cement, this means that it chemically binds water and therefore harden in or under water. Unfortunately, Water Stop is not washout resistant which means that it cannot be used underwater if it is exposed to water movement (current) prior to hardening.

  • When should I use Water Stop over Water Proofing Mortar/WP Mortar HP?

    Water Stop is designed to stop active leaks with low hydrostatic pressure while Water Proofing Mortar/WP Mortar HP is engineered to withstand hydrostatic pressure in new or existing construction with no active leaks but requires at least 72 hours of curing prior to being exposed to water pressure.

  • Can other materials be applied over Water Stop?

    Yes, any cementitious product may be applied over Water stop but needs to be applied no later than 24 hours after application to insure proper bond. Water Stop may also accept water base coatings such as paint within 4 hours and Solvent based/impermeable coatings such as oil-based paint and epoxy within 24 hours.