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Rapid Set

Fast Anchoring and Repair Adhesive

Multi-Purpose Two-Component Structural Epoxy

Working time 30 minutes.
Service ready in 10 hours.
Excellent structural adhesion.

Fast Anchoring and Repair Adhesive is a high-strength, structural adhesive that provides a strong, durable bond to concrete, masonry, and dissimilar building materials. It is ideal for interior and exterior use, on horizontal, vertical, and overhead applications. Use to anchor bolts, dowels, rebar, and wall tiles to concrete, concrete blocks, solid and hollow masonry, natural stone, solid rock and more. Available in a red color. Conforms to: ASTM C881 Type IV, Grade 3, Class A, B, C.

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Technical Documents

Fast Anchoring and Repair Adhesive resources available in PDF format

Document Name
Usage instructions, cleaning the drill hole, setting parameter, performance data, and allowable loads for concrete work.
Steps for successful anchoring