F.W. Webb's New Distribution Facility

Shrinkage-compensating Type K cement concrete allows placement of 40,000-sq.-ft. slabs without one control joint.
Posted on 09/30/2020

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F.W. Webb Company, the Northeast’s top distributor of plumbing, heating, cooling and other industrial products, opened a $55-million, state-of-the-art central distribution center in Londonderry, N.H., in fall 2017.

Celebrated as one of the largest of its kind in New Hampshire, the new facility is nearly 1 million sq. ft. (92,903m). Its 48,000 sq. ft. (4,459m) of office space and 23,000 sq. ft. (2,137m) of warehouse space contains a fitness center, locker rooms, break room, shipping and receiving offices, a truck detailing bay, forklift maintenance area and hazmat room. The warehousing space spans 724,000 sq. ft. (67,262m).

Designs were developed to ensure the company’s commitment to providing outstanding products was represented throughout the facility. To that end, F.W. Webb engineers selected Komponent® shrinkage-compensating concrete (K-SCC) to ensure optimum floor slab performance and facility efficiency.

The Komponent cementitious additive used to create shrinkage-compensating concrete slab is engineered to expand during the concrete’s plastic state to offset typical drying shrinkage. The dimensional stability this advanced cement technology allows construction joints to be placed up to 150 ft. (45.7m) apart and saw cut control joints to be eliminated. Control joints are commonly used to provide an aesthetically discrete place for slabs to crack—below the joint. Although this works well to conceal cracking, the joint itself is where most failures occur. When a forklift hits joint edges, especially high-speed forklifts, the joints begin to break down. Over time they need to be repaired. Associated maintenance is expensive and disruptive to daily operations.

Green Leaf Construction and its concrete floor consultant, North Starr Engineering, worked with F.W. Webb to design a high-performance floor system that minimized joints throughout the warehouse areas and ensured floor flatness and floor levelness would be maintained for the life of the placement.

Redi-Mix Companies and CTS Cement’s Komponent team worked closely to develop a mix design that would allow placement of 40,000-sq.-ft. (3,716m) slabs without a single control joint. The mix was engineered to expand a minimum 0.05%, verified via laboratory testing per ASTM C878 (Standard Test Method for Restrained Expansion of Shrinkage-Compensating Concrete), to offset the drying shrinkage characteristics of the portland cement used in the mix.

S+S Concrete Floors was selected to install the 6-in. slab. With panel placements up to 200 ft. x 200 ft. (61m x 61m), delays would have presented finishing challenges. Initiating communication with S+S early in the project allowed construction details and scheduling to be integrated efficiently and to maximize pour sizes and placement sequencing. A commitment by the entire project team ensured effective communication and coordination and a seamless installation.

Upon completion, floor flatness and levelness were measured at FF 63/FL 41. In areas where extra abuse was expected, Trap Rock hardener was used on the surface. The engineering and construction teams achieved the design intent, and F.W. Webb now has a flat, level, durable, joint-free slab that will provide many years of ultralow maintenance performance. This notable project is one of many F.W. Webb facilities constructed using a Komponent shrinkage-compensating concrete floor slab that will contribute to maximize operational efficiency and minimize lifecycle costs.

Special thanks to North Starr Engineering, Green Leaf Construction, S+S Concrete Floors and Redi-Mix Companies for their efforts in making this project a success. We were proud to be a part of this momentous project and look forward to continuing to support F.W. Webb’s facility expansion needs in the days ahead.

For information on how Komponent® can be used to provide a high-performance shrinkage-compensating concreting or grouting solution on your next project, contact a member of the CTS Cement Engineering Team at (800) 929-3030 or info@CTScement.com.

CTS Cement’s Komponent team worked with S+S Concrete Floors and Redi-Mix Companies to develop a Type K Cement shrinkage-compensating concrete mix design that would allow placement of 40,000-square-foot slabs without a single control joint.
Project at a glance
  • Project Type: Industrial (Distribution Center)
  • Application: Slab-on-Grade
  • Product: Komponent®
  • Location: Londonderry, N.H.
  • Size: 1 million sq. ft. (92,903m)
  • Date: 2017
  • Owner: F.W. Webb Company
  • Contractor: S + S Concrete Floors
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