CTS Cement
You can make so many creative and different DIY projects with the Rapid Set brand of high-quality products. Whether you’re working on decorative concrete projects or repairing and restoring your home, planning ahead will increase the likelihood for excellent results.
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Do Your Research

Before starting any project to understand the scope of work, do your research to understand the proper steps, materials and tools needed, amount of time involved, etc.

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DIY or Professional

From your research, determine if you can do the project yourself or if a licensed contractor should do it. If you need to follow specified guidelines to do your project, check with your city’s building department.

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Be Safe

Wear the appropriate safety (PPE) equipment (i.e. hearing, eye and breathing protection) to keep from getting injured.

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Be Prepared

Have all of the required tools and materials on hand before you start your project. Better tools and materials will let you work faster, safer and get higher quality results.

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Follow Instructions

Follow the instructions and don’t take short cuts.

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Ask For Support

For questions or further help, contact us via email or call 800-929-3030.