Rapid Set

TRU® Self-Leveling

High Performance Architectural Topping in Natural and Gray

Foot traffic in 2 to 3 hours.
Grind wet or dry and polish in 24 hours.
Polish to achieve outstanding clarity and gloss.
Available in Natural and Gray colors.
See the color chart here to customize your floor.

TRU Self-Leveling is a polishable topping that provides long flow life, working time, and a smooth strong surface with high-bond strength. Customize TRU Self-Leveling by adding decorative aggregate or integral colors. Place with a minimum thickness of 1/8", or extend with clean, dry 3/8" pea gravel for thicknesses greater than 1.5". Use for finished floors in commercial, institutional and recreational facilities. TRU Self-Leveling is available in natural and gray colors. Tested in accordance with ASTM C1708 and CDPH Standard Method v1.2.

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Technical Documents

TRU® Self-Leveling resources available in PDF format

Document Name
Best practices to minimize color variation and yield better color consistency with Rapid Set cement products.
Best practices to help minimize the effective of hot weather installations.
Best practices for applying TRU in high-load traffic areas.